Sunday, May 1, 2011

packing up my stuffs before the semester ends.. GOSH!

How come i never realized that i have lotsa things to pack..

how on earth i piled up those books and magazine in just one semester which consist 5 freaking – busy months..

ok fine piling up meaning that i didnt even realize that i bought lotsa magazine in just one semester and god knows how thick my lecture notes are..

the best part is, i only read the lecture notes during quiz time and final exam… but those story book and magazine.. god knows when actually i read it..i guess in between doing my assigments and coping up with lecturers..

oh please humor urself with the following pictures..



ok..those are the books..

the lecture notes?

im tired of taking pictures.. i was supposed to tidy up all my things and put it in the store, and its late.. im tired of the journey to sedim, kulim.

we went to tree top walk sungai sedim,

erm here are some photos, if you guys wanna see more about it just follow the link below:

she usually update her blog, maybe she will update about it stay tune ;

as if you guys wanna stay tune with me rite? nahh nevermind..



pic: view from the tree top walk


im TIRED! but i miss my blog..


pic: thats just me being vein

btw i saw something today, and it kept me thinking of how short life is to just full around..

that thing buat aku terdiam tak berkata..  but because of that incident after i reached Penang, i straight away occupied my mind with packing and sorting out my things..

An advice for you guys out there!


take care pips!

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